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Atelier Marisa

Atelier Marisa

Marisa Goebel La Belle's passion for color and simplicity are the drive behind her clever designs. This is reflected in her award winning patented earring concept.

Born in Mexico of an American mother and German father, Marisa was surrounded and introduced to many art forms, pre-Columbian, fine art, and the local arts and crafts that are part of the Mexican folklore. It was in High school when she took a jewelry class that these influences began to flourish. She received a Graduate Gemologist degree and later studied in the renowned Fachhochschule Für Gestaltung (School of Design) in Pforzheim, Germany. There she learned technical knowledge and developed expertise that has influenced her innovative construction and elegant composition.

Atalier Marissa creates a stunning collection of multi-colored pearl and diamond earrings. Described as "celestial in design, sophisticated in concept, utterly feminine," the designs of Marisa Goebel La Belle combine the traditional beauty of pearls with innovative uses of motion. The Orbit 8 earring is a combination of innovative construction and elegant composition.