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The Borgioni Collection represents some of the most expressive and eclectic fine jewelry pieces in fashion. The pieces are truly unique one of a kind pieces of art that people can wear as accessories.

A combination of bohemian and medieval rocker sensibilities define Borgioniís style. Bejeweled skulls, diamond spikes, nature inspired elements and whimsical motifs such as frogs, monkeys and buddhas are present throughout the collection. The collection can be defined as expressive, exotic and inspired. The laid back vintage style jewelry is crafted for every day wear. The collection can also be described as unique pieces of art that can be worn as accessories.

Mother and daughter team Rhonda and Tiffany Bartolacci formed Borgioni, which is named after their familyís matriarch Emily Rose Borgioni Bartolacci. Borgioni was born from the desire to redesign & wear their family heirlooms.