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Danhov Abbraccio Swirl Diamond Drop Earrings AH101-Green Tourmaline

These stunning earrings are designed by Danhov. They are meticulously hand crafted in the US and of superior quality. The center stone is sold separately. We have a beautiful selection of diamonds and color gemstones to set in your earrings. Select a set of center stones and your earrings will arrive with a perfectly set stones.

Your earrings will arrive in 2-3 weeks. We offer fast free shipping!
Metal14K Gold, 18K Gold, Platinum
Approx. # of Diamonds76
Approx. Carat Weight0.49
Can be Set With.5-1.5 Carat Center
Average Side Stone ColorF-G
Average Side Stone ClarityVS1
AvailabilityShips in 2-3 weeks

First uncovered in a meteorite and impossibly rare on earth, Charles & Colvard patented the innovative high-tech process that creates this brilliant jewel from silicon carbide, the world’s second-hardest substance. More durable than sapphire, ruby or emerald; moissanite’s beauty will last for generations. Grown in a high-tech North Carolina lab, Charles & Colvard introduced the world to the brilliance and fire of gem-quality moissanite in 1998 and today remains the main source of created moissanite gemstones.

Charles & Colvard Forever One™ is the world’s finest moissanite in never-before-seen near colorless shades up to four grades whiter than conventional moissanite. One-tenth the price of a comparable quality diamond, Charles & Colvard moissanite requires less investment to make more of a brilliant statement. Charles & Colvard Forever One™ offers consumers the most beauty for any budget.

Please select a Moissanite for any one of our engagement rings. Your ring will arrive with a perfectly mounted Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite. All Forever One Moissanite come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty.